Wall Panel

Interior decoration can be renovated either with traditional decoration or with wall panels. The quick-installing wallboard is an integrated whole-house decoration solution proposed for the disadvantages of home decoration pollution and cumbersome procedures. The substrate is made of PVC resin and wood fiber and is extruded at high temperature and high pressure; then the advanced production process is used to bond the polymer film to the substrate at one time. In addition to the series of wood grain, stone grain, wallpaper, etc., the polymer film can also have a strong three-dimensional sense. The surface with a concave and convex surface is a replacement product of wallpaper and paint, which will become a kind of trend.

  • Green health,energy saving and environmental protection
  • Diverse style, personalized
  • Space saving,strong sense of three-dimensional
  • Ecological environment protection
  • Excellent performance, not easy to deform
  • Integrated quick loading,easy for construction