About us

Global Greensteel Construction Group Corp. is a new type of construction material research and development, production, and installation company and it has its own import and export business division. With the global trend of the development of building industrialization, keeping green, environmental protection, material recycling is what most of the industries pursue. In order to comply with the development, change the traditional and extensive production methods that are unsustainable, a new type of house, the light steel structure residential house was developed by our company, which trans- formed from the "site construction" to a new type that manufactured at plant. This is an intelligent modern building material production manufactured at plant. Effectively improve the quality of assembly and construction, it can also benefit from energy saving, high earthquake resistance, high fire resistance, superior corrosion resistance, flexible and efficient installation, etc.

We can say it is a future moving direction construction industry. We are centered on the assembly-oriented building materials that focus on environmental protection, energy conservation and technology. We will focus on "to do business with honesty and market with good character, to improve technology with new innovation and good teamwork in order to make us known globally". We will work hard to make our future with prosperity.