Product Introduction

Green development and recycling are the constant goals of the new economic normal. For the construction industry, it is necessary to change the unsustainable traditional extensive production methods and promote the modernization of the environmental protection and resource-saving construction.

As a new type of housing structure system, the steel structure house transforms the house from construction site to a factory-made industrial product which reduces the uncontrollable quality defects of the on-site operation and effectively improves the assembly construction quality. The steel components are factory-made, produced high quality precision, and on-site assembly construction greatly reduces the amount of manual work and reduces the water and electricity consumption, garbage emissions, and dust pollution at the construction site.

Steel Structure

The steel structure house is the fifth-generation building. It adopts H-shaped steel and thin-walled cold-bent C and Z-steel combination or architectural skeleton. The roof and wall are made of color-coated profiled steel or color steel plate. IS basically replaced traditional reinforced concrete buildings in developed countries. It has the advantages of light weight, large span, small material consumption, low cost, and savings foundation, short construction period, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance. Steel structure houses are widely used in single-story industrial plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, office buildings, multi-storey car parks and residential buildings.


The load-bearing structure of light steel structure residential building adopts cold-formed thin-walled light steel skeleton, adopting high-strength and anti-corrosion steel coil plate (yield strength 550Mpa, zinc-aluminum alloy coating thickness 270g/m'), steel thickness is 0.75mm or higher, through computer controlled equipment for manufacturing is directly rolled into various types of structural member according to design requirements. The vertical load-bearing members of the whole structure adopt densely packed columns, the maximum column spacing is 600mm; the plane load-bearing members and roofs adopt the purlin net, the grid size is 600x600mm; the floor (ground) surface adopts the truss beam, the maximum medium distance is 1200mm, the doors and windows beams are made of small truss. The whole process of production of steel structure is completed by professional equipment controlled by computer software which ensures the precision of component manufacturing and realizes the change of the millimeter error of traditional building mode to the millimeter error of factory manufacturing. Cold-formed thin-walled steel members withstand relatively large external 1oads with relatively few materials, not simply by increasing the cross-sectional area, but by changing the cross-sectional shape. According to the calculation, the cold-bending thin-walled steel with the same cross-sectional area can be increased by 80% compared with the hot-rolled steel, and the moment of inertia and the area moment can be increased by 50-180%. Considering the cold-bending effect of the material, it can generally be improved. The design strength is 10-15%.

Wall System

The exterior wall generally adopts various lightweight, waterproof and heat-insulating composite panels, such as insulation and decoration integrated panels, metal carved panels, wood-plastic exterior wall panels, cement fiber wood panels, etc., to achieve the unification of functionality and decoration. For interior decoration of interior walls, floors and ceilings f light steel houses, according to the different needs of customers for cost and effect, traditional decoration materials can be used new materials such as wood-plastic panels of our company.