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Adapt to the development of the times and change the construction industry
As a new type of housing structure, the light steel structure house is a modern intelligent industrial product that allows the house to be “constructed” from land to “manufactured” by factories.
Green environmental protection, energy saving, technology assembly
While effectively improving the quality of assembly construction, it also has the characteristics of energy-saving expectations, high earthquake resistance, high fire resistance, ultra-high corrosion resistance, and flexible commercial efficiency. It is the future development direction of the construction industry.

The Light Steel House

the light steel house consists of foundation (base) system, structural system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roofing manufactured at the factory and the houses are assembled on site by unit modules.

Characteristics of building materials

The unit modules are versatile, energy-saving and environmentally friendly housing construction. All of the house components can be produced in large scale in the factory. Only the assembly work is required on construction site, as all the building components are factory prefabricated. It is a mature and integrated housing system with bright future in residential construction development.

As a new type of housing structure system, the steel structure house transforms the house from construction site to a factory-made industrial product which reduces the uncontrollable quality defects of the on-site operation and effectively improves the assembly construction quality. The steel components are factory-made, produced high quality precision, and on-site assembly construction greatly reduces the amount of manual work and reduces the water and electricity consumption, garbage emissions, and dust pollution at the construction site.

Product Introduction


The steel structure house is the fifth-generation building. It adopts H-shaped steel and thin-walled cold-bent C and Z-steel combination or architectural skeleton. The roof and wall are made of color-coated profiled steel or color steel plate. IS basically replaced traditional reinforced concrete buildings in developed countries. It has the advantages of light weight, large span, small material consumption, low cost, and savings foundation, short construction period, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance. Steel structure houses are widely used in single-story industrial plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, office buildings, multi-storey car parks and residential buildings.

Waterproof and moistureproof

Low-carbon environmental

Easy to install and live immediately

Diverse modeling and stylish

The Light Steel House

Light steel houses are made of cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized or galvanized thin-walled steel as the main load-bearing structure, combined with insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fireproof and other maintenance materials, to build a system. Each system consists of several unit modules. The unit modules are versatile, energy-saving and environmentally friendly housing construction. All of the house components can be produced in large scale in the factory.

Factory & equipment

Product Description

The whole process of production of steel structure is completed by professional equipment controlled by computer software which ensures the precision of component manufacturing and realizes the change of the millimeter error of traditional building mode to the millimeter error of factory manufacturing. Cold-formed thin-walled steel members withstand relatively large external 1oads with relatively few materials, not simply by increasing the cross-sectional area, but by changing the cross-sectional shape.